Connection Mini Diamond Heart Ring

$1,295.00 USD

Our Connection Mini Diamond Heart Ring

The Connection Collection. This piece consists of a unique heart shaped VSI 0.250 CT diamond set in a cutaway bezel, conveying strength and delicacy with a futuristic quality while allowing light to pass through the stone. These rings can be swapped, and given to loved ones as a symbol of connection to each other and the world around us. 

The band of the ring is delicate in width but high in depth so it keeps its strength while remaining fine. Hand created in 10K certified recycled gold and responsibly sourced white diamond. 

Product Details:

10KT Certified Recycled Yellow Gold
Size, Quality and Length of Diamond Heart: VSI 0.250 CT / 1.5mm
Width of Band 1.1mm
Depth of Band 1.3mm

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